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It would seem fairly obvious why a Sign or Display is needed but in a lot of cases, proponents hardly give the exercise more than cursory attention. A business without an effective Sign or Display is like a person without a face and therefore must be given considerable attention. The Sign or Display is the only tool to communicate to identify a business yet it is the least considered in the exercise.

In ordering a Sign or Display, the objective of the exercise must first be determined. Why is the Sign needed? Who is the intended viewer? What is the distance from which the viewer sees the Sign or Display? Which is more important, visibility or readability? Should it be visible day and night? For short term or long term? These are just some of the many questions that need to be addressed before deciding what type of Sign or Display is needed, its size and installation. All these considerations affect size, position and materials in order for the exercise to be effective.

This is the most crucial first step where we can be of really great help. Allow us to be part of your team. We will help you determine the answers to these questions so you are able to establish a better set of criteria in designing your Sign or Display.


Once the objectives are known, then a more effective design can be formulated. Layout, color, materials, size, can all then be decided upon. As part of the team, we help you arrive at better choices of material and installation considerations that will ensure the objective set forth is met at the most cost efficient way.


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