Company Profile

The Fourth Dimension, Inc.

The Rationale Behind the Name.

Most People commonly view
things in three dimensions,
namely, height, width, and depth.

The traditional media employed in Advertising
is also in three dimensions: television, radio and print.

We believe that there is a fourth dimension,
that which only the creative eye can see.

It is the medium that stands above the rest,
the new, the creative, the innovative,
– the fourth dimension.

Company Brief

Incorporated in 1985, the company was envisioned to be
the purveyor of cutting edge technology in visual communications
in the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry.

The company specializes and is known for providing solutions to customized, unique, challenging graphic design and production requirements. It is recognized as the leader in cutting edge
technology, having introduced and pioneered in products
now considered very much an integral part of the
indoor and outdoor advertising industry.

Presently, the company is the only full-service company
in the indoor and outdoor sign and advertising
industry in the country.

It has been, over the last 10 years, the exclusive
sign contractor of Chevron Philippines for all its more than
900 Caltex service stations scattered all over the country.
Since three years ago, Pilipinas Shell also began to contract
the services of the company. Its core competence is in rolling out sign programs of companies that are national in scope
due to its capability to operate nationwide.

Throughout its 31 year history, it has had the privilege of supplying most of the original signage of most banks, fast-food and drug chains, restaurants, fashion retailers, car dealerships, resorts, salons, supermarkets and many other prestigious commercial companies. Among its clients are TGI Fridays, California Pizza Kitchen, Gonuts Donuts, RCBC, and Lacoste to name a few. It has also supplied architectural, way finding and informational signage systems to hotels such as the former Oakwood, now known as the Ascott,  Frasier Place and the EDSA Shangri-la, malls such as the Shangri- la Mall, Robinson’s Galleria, SM North Annex and Skygarden, Megamall and more.

 It pioneered in giant inflatable advertising displays in 1985. The company produced and supplied the giant inflatable replicas of Ronald McDonald and Jollibee, as well as replicas of Coke and San Miguel Beer, Pepsi and many more.

 In 1986, it introduced short-run, computer-aided cutting machines that cut pressure-sensitive vinyl to produce graphics, which is now common decoration for vehicle graphics, both interior and exterior informational or directional signage, graphic applications and as an all-around alternative to  silk-screened graphics.

In 1987, in exclusive partnership with 3M, it introduced Panaflex flexible face material as an alternative to acrylic or plexiglass rigid sheets used in the backlighted sign market and the use of especially-designed aluminum extrusions as an alternative material to steel for use as sign cabinets. Today, almost all backlit signs are made from this material.

Two years, later in 1989, the company introduced the first large-format full color digital printer in the Philippines, a 20’-wide printer that was only one among the first 100 such printers built in the world at the time. It introduced also the use of tarpaulin material as an alternative to GI sheets commonly used as substrate material for billboard faces. The introduction of this technology has given birth to what we today know to be the interior and exterior advertising industry.

The technology is used for billboards, tarpaulin banners, photographic displays for interior murals, delivery vans, transit advertising, floor graphics, mobile advertising,

exhibits and promotions, and many more. It is also used not only for commercial applications but for architectural applications as well.

In the following years it would introduce “Sintra” material or closed-cell,rigid PVC sheets for use as substrates in merchandising and displays, exhibit systems for merchandising and way-finding, tri-vision display systems, portabl inflatable billboards, and aluminum composite materials (ACM), being the first representative of Alucubond Technologies in the market. ACMis extensively used as an exterior and interior cladding material today.

In 2000, it pioneered in LED assembly in the Philippines for use as accent lighting in the architectural industry. For Caltex service stations alone, the company has produced and installed over 50 kilometers of LED accent lighting! Today, the company carries the complete line of Led products that are used for the architectural lighting industry,including SOLAR-POWERED, LED streets lamps and other LED lamp for various applications suchas down-lighting, ambient lighting, accent and interiors.

The company is also introducing slim, 16mm thick LED-lit backlit displays, LCD screens and various hardware for merchandising and point-of-purchase, as well as SHOP FITTING hardware for in-store displays.

Today, our sign fabrication is situated in over half a hectare of covered space. We are fully automated, equipped with the latest and most modern array of computer-controlled machines, capable of consistent quality high output signs used for commercial and institutional markings for both interior and exterior applications, both illuminated and non-illuminated signs. We are the choice exclusive supplier of many recognizable national brands for their identification requirements such as Caltex, Hyundai, Honda and many other petroleum companies.

We control all facets of our production and installation activites. We print full-color on tarp as well as rigid surfaces, traffic control signs, identification and wayfinding signs, as well as engage in special custom projects that challenge most other companies to execute. 

In June of 2008, the company was appointed by Aristech Plastics, Inc. of the USA for its world-famous “AVONITE” brand of solid surfaces. Avonite is used extensively as high quality countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, reception and selling areas also as wall cladding, as an alternative to stone.  It has a complete collection of different colors, including semi-translucent that allow for backlighting.

Since the arrival of its initial inventory of solid surface material in 2008 the company has installed a fabrication shop solely for Avonite countertops, hired fabricators with a combined experience of almost 15 years in the solid surface fabrication industry and has facilitated their further training by bringing in Avonite trainers from the USA.

Avonite was originally represented in the Philippines by Asia Construct but disappeared in the market when the company went bankrupt in 2001. Avonite was well received during its presence here and the preferred choice by most commercial architects and designers.

The company has been concentrating it efforts since its appointment as exclusive distributor, in informing architects, designers, and end users, of Avonite’s return to the local market, but this time, with a company that has fully automated machinery to process Avonite solid surfaces.

To date, the company has re-established the leadership of Avonite in solid surfaces, with installations in both residential and commercial projects. With the addition of Avonite to its product offering, the company is now officially involved in the architectural and commercial interior and exterior outfitting industry.

In 2009, the company included to its product line, ALUMINUM SCAFFOLDS, through its appointment by Unison, Inc. of China, for use in construction and maintenance work. Aluminum scaffolds are lighter than traditional metal scaffolds, therefore easier for workers to carry and move around, thereby reducing the risk of back-related injuries to users. And because they are light, they are much faster to deploy with less manpower. Vehicles can carry more of them to sites and are subjected to less suspension fatigue. Made exclusively with 100% virgin aluminum, features include handrails and Z- type stair ladders with landings,

Platforms featuring trap doors and safety toe boards, 8” diameter, hard rubber-lined wheels with locks, and, four-point outriggers for stability – all designed for the safety of users. Recently, the company has also started to offer scissor lifts to complement its line.

In November of 2011, the company was appointed exclusive distributor in Asia of Vasari Plaster and Stucco, Inc., based out of Santa Barbara, California. The company produces traditional plaster for use in wall treatments. Intended as an alternative to paint for both exterior and interior walls, Vasari offers a stone-base, natural material, which unlike paint, is environmentally friendly, lasts for decades, lowers room temperature, and hypo-allergenic. It also comes in as many shades as paint and therefore suitable for classic to modern styles of residential and commercial buildings.

In August of 2012, a new showroom was opened at CW Home Depot to showcase VASARI PLASTER and AVONITE SOLID SURFACES. New products in construction finishing materials will also be showcased in this showroom. It is also

in the process of establishing distributors in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam for Vasari Plaster products. Its goal is to establish a production plant in the Philippines within the next twelve months.

In July, 2015, the company was awarded exclusive representation and distributorship of BNB Corporation of Korea for their unique product – ATOMETAL anti-corrosive ceramic paint. ATOMETAL is a unique product, the only one of its kind that can be applied for repair of corroded metal, even under water, as well as for new metals to protect them from corrosion. This ceramic paint is the only one of its kind. It is designed to last 30 years and resist barnacle growth in salt water.

In November of 2015, the company was appointed by VESNA INC., based at India to distribute exclusively in the Philippines, S-TILESTONES, the thinnest natural stone in the world, at 2mm thickness only. This allows ease of installation to ANY surface, indoors or outdoors, in wet & dry environments.

The Fourth Dimension has investments in two TGI Fridays restaurants, as well as in food distribution.

The company is also recognized as an AUTHORIZED CONVERTER by 3M of 3M Panaflex and translucent film material and therefore its works are covered by the 3M MCS Warranty. It is a recognized dealer of Philips for its lighting products.

While the company started as a pioneer in outdoor advertising, it is now involved in a diverse portfolio of services and products ranging from outdoor advertising and directional traffic signs, to construction finishing materials and equipment, food and industrial paints. It will continue to develop, acquire new products in fields where it can contribute to the improvement of that field when there is an opportunity.


Its Chairman and CEO, CARLO S. LLAVE, is also the immediate past Chairman of the Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines (OAAP) and 2007 Vice Chairman of the Advertising Board of the Philippines (ADBOARD). He currently sits in the Board of Trustees of the Advertising Foundation of the Philippines.

He is a 1999 AGORA award recipient for entrepreneurship.
Mr. Llave is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the De La Salle University, and has been a regular resource speaker in graphic design and evolving trends in outdoor advertising in seminars both in the academe and the professional industry. He has also spearheaded the modernization of the Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines (OAAP), having served as its President for three terms and its first Chairman, starting from 2005 til 2007.

RODOLFO SISON, the company’s president and COO is also a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the De La Salle University. He oversees the day-to-day operation of the company. He has had training in Japan in handling plant operations and was the Operations Manager of the Kayaba Shock Absorber Manufacturing Company here in the Philippines in the early 80s. His family is invested in Diamond Motors in the Philippines, which operates dealerships of Mitsubishi, Chevrolet and Hyundai motor cars.

The company has a regular staff of about one hundred twenty people, composed of marketing, administrative, graphic and plant personnel.
It has under its employ, a full technical staff comprised of architects and engineers, as well as graphic design practitioners. It has accredited contractors, all TFDI-trained deployed all over the country, with a staff of close to another 100 employees.

Occupational health and safety program.

The company strictly adheres to a health and safety program
to ensure the well-being of its employees and the public it serves as prescribed by the Operational Health and Safety Association or the OHSA.

It has a dedicated OHSA department, staffed by full-time Safety Officers, whose job is to ensure that all employees observe proper attire and procedures to keep safe and healthy at all times. It conducts regular
training of all its personnel and sub-contractors with the
Philippine Red Cross, Fire Marshals and OHSA-certified
trainers as resource persons.

The company maintains an Infirmary with
a qualified, registered nurse working
full-time with the company.

The company maintains
a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy for accidents and
invests heavily on safety equipment such as
safety signage for on-site work and PPE’s
for all its work personnel.

Company Resources

The company’s offices and fabrication plant is housed in a 5600 sqm., company-owned property with a 5000sqm covered building whose address is
TFDI Bldg., 246 Apo Street,
Mountview Industrial Complex, Governor’s Drive.
Bo. Bancal, Carmona, Cavite.

It has its own concessionaire-run, on-premise kitchen, canteen, lockers, recreation and barracks facilities for its employees.

It has five (5) large-format printers
for printing of full-color graphic displays.
It has two graphic design workstations.
It has two CAD-CAM routers with 5’ x 10’ tables,
capable of cutting and engraving in three dimensions, a plasma-cutting machine capable of cutting up to ½” thick steel, plus, a laser cutter-engraver for exact and intricate cutting work. It has two vertical shear cutters
for cutting and scoring aluminum composite materials, as well as
a shear press and a bending machine for cutting and bending steel sheets.
It also has a mechanical shaping and bending machine for
working channel letters, two vacuum-forming machines, one of which is probably the largest in the country, capable of forming up to 2.4m x 2.4m sheets, and up to 6” deep draws.

It keeps inventory of a myriad of materials for use in architectural and commercial applications.

It has complete facilities and equipment for metal works such as aluminum and steel welding machines, various machine shop equipment and other support facilities and utilities for the production of its various products. The plant features an enclosed painting booth, and a separate hot-weld building for safety purposes. It owns and uses proprietary aluminum profile extrusions specifically designed for use with flexible face sign cabinets.

Complementing its plant equipment is a fleet of work vehicles such as forklifts, 40’-long boom trucks, bucket lift trucks, aerial ladders, scissor lifts,
delivery and shuttle vans.