The company’s introduction of full-color, large format printing in 1988, the second of only two machines in Asia at the time (the first one had arrived Hongkong 3 months earlier), would dramatically give life to what is now the vibrant outdoor advertising industry in the Philippines as we know it.

With a machine capable of printing a full-color, photographic image on any size, with a minimum order of one piece delivered in a couple of hours, the billboard industry was reborn.

Back in the day, billboards were just hand-painted metal sheets, which no one really paid attention to. With the introduction of full-color photographic images, billboards became a legitimate, important and serious advertising medium in the country. Large-format printing put the company in the global map of outdoor advertising.

While this product has become commoditized today, where a printer can be found in almost every street in the metropolis, the company still continues to print short run graphic displays for all types of applications – billboard and streamer tarps, fence barricade displays, murals, exhibit displays, bus and truck graphic displays, floor graphics, merchandising and point of purchase displays, as well as many others.

The company now has taken delivery of a new high throughput machine which features the latest technology in full color printing. It is a flat-bed printer, capable of printing on any rigid surface, including, but not limited to ceramic tiles, wood panels, fiber, foam and gypsum boards, using UHV inks.

Together with this new machine is an additional dye-sublimation printer that prints economically, water-proof, full-color images on synthetic paper – perfect for merchandising and POP’s.