When the company introduced the “internally-illuminated flexible-face sign” in the country in 1985, little did it realize the role it would play in the Philippine sign industry.

By May, 2015, the company would have tucked under its belt, 30 years of valuable experience in this field. Its knowledge, expertise and track record of reliable, on-time delivery and quality, is hard to beat in the country and equal, if not, surpass quality standards found in the western world.

Today, the company operates a completely automated facility for the production of architectural and commercial signs. No job is too big or too small for the company to handle, whether for interior or outdoor application, illuminated or non-illuminated, pole-mounted or wall mounted. Whether you need a sign to go on top of a building or a simple nameplate or number to go on the face of your door, the company is well equipped to address your need.

The company’s first biggest strength is the combined extensive experience of its design and production team. Our team can help you decide where and how best to position your sign to achieve maximum visibility. They can help you decide size, choose from a wide choice of sign materials and type of illumination best suited for your purposes.

The company’s other strength is capacity. With 5500sqm of covered space, automated, CAD-CAM cutting machines and large-format printing machines, it can deliver large-scale production output in very short periods of time. Its fleet of delivery and installation vehicles includes 10-wheeler, 40’ trucks with, mounted with 10T cranes and bucket lifts with up 25m reach, enough to handle most big jobs. It also employs enough manpower to handle installations nationwide.

Next time you have a requirement for whatever type sign or display, whether one or a hundred, for identity, for advertising, for interior or exterior, short term or long-term use, give us a call. Chances are, you will find everything you need under one roof.