Tower Signs

Two examples of Tower Signs are shown here. One is a throwback to when Ascott Hotel first opened at the Glorietta 4. The tower sign was just one among the many commissioned by Ascott for the hotel. We also supplied the hotel with all its information and wayfinding signs. This project used silver leafed, engraving on AVONITE extensively for all interior signs, including pictograms found in all public areas, room numbers, directional and informational signs.

Illuminated with neon back in the day when it was still in vogue, this tower sign was made from built-up channel letters, with flexible face material for the letter faces.

In contrast, for the Manulife sign, LEDs were used extensively for illuminating the entire sign face. Needless to say, this sign was commissioned in 2008 and except for some minor maintenance works, the LEDs have yet to be replaced, 6 years from date of installation and way past its 3-year warranty.

Manulife was so impressed with the quality of workmanship that it went ahead and ordered a second one for its other building in Quezon City sometime after it.