AVONITE Water Feature


When Arch Jun Benito was commissioned by the De La Salle Brothers to design a commemorative water feature to celebrate their 100 years in the Philippines, he envisioned a glass surface, cut like a “disc”, floating over a granite base, with the names of the Brothers etched onto its surface and where water would flow through its surface to symbolize “the continuous flow of life”.

The project called for a 1500mm diameter, tempered clear glass shaped into a “disc”, mounted with pins so it would appear to “float” on top of a solid granite base.

The design immediately ran into problems. For one, it was a big piece and couldn’t be supplied in one piece and tempered, or even if cut into sections, cut in such a manner that the sections would align perfectly with no gaps between when assembled.

We turned to AVONITE to provide the solution for the project. AVONITE comes in natural stone finish, so that would match the granite base already in place. AVONITE joints are invisible which gives a look of a one-piece disc, which in turn, addressed the issue of size. AVONITE also lends itself well to engraving, perfect for our CAD/CAM engraver because the design was could be executed perfectly.

This is a perfect example of why our customers to us. They turn to us to provide solutions to their projects when no one else can.